Thompsons Creations

With over 20 years spent living on the cutting edge of the
photography industry, Thompson Creative Imaging has constantly evolved alongside technology. Today, we offer up our full-service photography studio to some of the nation's largest companies, providing them with the production resources they need to bring order and peace of mind to chaotic workflows.

Our production team takes pride in nailing down every detail, whether that means booking talent, tracking down hard-to-find props, crafting models, styling sets or getting out there and scouting locations.

• Product
• Studio & Location
• People & Lifestyle
• Food
• Healthcare/Medical

• Creative Compositions
• Stock Retouching & Composition
• Basic Outlines and Drop Shadows
• Large Format Projects

• Prop Shopping and Rental
• Custom Set and
   Prop Building
• Location Scouting
• Talent Casting
• Shoot Schedule
• Make-up, Hair
   & Wardrobe Stylists
• Archiving of Project Files
• Full Kitchen & Craft Services